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Tired of party favours filled with cheap trinkets? Of knickknacks that end up in the trash a week later? Our gourmet cotton candy party favours solve these problems!

    🌸 26 gourmet flavours, all made from scratch using our original recipes
    🌸 2 size options, and the large features a custom message
    🌸 Locally sourced ingredients, supplies, and packaging (we’re all in this together!)
    🌸 Customizeable full-colour labels for large functions
    🌸 Reusable container for storing crafts or dried goods

With our party favours, you reduce waste, support local, and share a new taste experience that you can’t find anywhere else on the island. Environmentally conscious. Thoughtful. Delicious. That’s something you can feel good about!

26 gourmet flavours to choose from – all made in-house using our original recipes!

Single Flavour Party Favours

Our single flavour tubs hold 500 mL of gourmet cotton candy and weigh approximately 14 grams. These are our most popular size for larger events such as weddings and corporate functions, and are also a popular birthday option. These tubs are $3+tax each and come with a flavour-specific label on top instead of a custom message. Right now we have labels in stock for Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Bubble Gum, Vanilla Cupcake, Classic Pink, Strawberry, Candy Cane, Peach, Watermelon, Blueberry, Grape, and Pineapple. We also have All Natural Organic available in this size for $4 each. You can mix and match however you wish!

Two Flavour Party Favours

The 2-flavour (1L) tubs are our most popular birthday option and usually completely replace a loot bag. With these there are two different options, both of which include a custom text message on top and our gourmet logo on the side highlighting that our product is locally made:

  1. We make all the tubs the same with your choice of 2 flavours from the menu above, and we label them with “Thanks for coming! From [birthday child]” (or a similar brief message) on top. Most people going with the 2-flavour tubs choose this option because it’s less time consuming. The menu has a picture of what the 2-flavour tubs and labels look like. Those are $5+tax for bulk pricing (8+ tubs, all the same combo and label), or $6+tax if you are ordering fewer than 8 identical tubs.
  2. You can send the attached menu to your guests ahead of time and each child can pick 2 flavours to make their own customized 2-flavour combo. We’ll label the top with “Thank you [guest child’s name]! From [birthday child’s name]” (or a similar brief message) plus their flavour choices. Customized tubs are $6+tax with no minimum order quantity.

These tubs work very well for themed birthday parties! Such as…

  • Frozen party: Blue & white, or blue and purple flavours, with the text message, “Thank you SNOW much! Love [name].”
  • Minecraft party: Creeper colours (green for the creeper, white for smoke), with the text message, “It was a BLAST! Thanks for coming! From [name].”
  • Beach theme: Sunset colours (orange and pink), with the text message, “You made my day SHINE! Love, [name].”

The Fine Print

Reservation confirmation and payment: For small orders (birthday parties, small functions) payment must be made in full prior to production by interac e-transfer. For larger events (weddings, corporate functions), we ask for a 15% deposit to reserve production time. Your deposit will be credited towards your final invoice and can be paid online with a credit card or through interac e-transfer. The balance of the account is due on the day of pick-up/shipment and can be paid by cash or interac e-transfer.

Cancellation Policy: We make all of our products fresh to order, thus we can only cancel your order if we haven’t started production. For small orders for weekend parties we can cancel an order up to 9am the Thursday before the weekend of the event. For orders with deposits we offer a full refund of your deposit if you cancel at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled pick-up/delivery date.

Service Area: We normally only accept orders that can be picked up in the St. John’s and metro area, however if you are located on the island portion of the province and wish to place a large order for a corporate event or wedding we can work with you to arrange shipping. Our preferred method of shipping is DRL Express same-day shipping, which can ship 112 party favours for approximately $50.